Monica & Hunter

September 5, 2020 • Provo, UT

Our story

Monica and Hunter first saw each other on Mutual, the LDS dating app, back in January 2020. Hunter thought she was very cute and decided to swipe up. Lucky for him, Monica's friend thought he was cute and swiped up for her. Hunter sent Monica a message on January 19, and after some small talk, he asked her to dinner. Because they both served missions in Peru, they went to get Peruvian food. Although Monica thought Hunter was bored the whole first date, he enjoyed getting to know her and asked her out again.

After a few more dates, they decided to start dating officially on February 23. Soon after, the country shut down, so they were forced to stay inside for most of the time they dated. This gave them plenty of time to get to know each other. Within a few weeks, Monica knew that Hunter was the one. It took Hunter a little bit longer to figure out that Monica was the one. When he worked up the courage to talk to Monica about getting married, he was pleasantly surprised to find out she was just waiting for him to bring it up.

Utah's coronavirus restrictions finally started relaxing at the beginning of May, so Hunter and Monica planned a proper date. On May 6, Monica was able to go get her hair done, and they went to try another Peruvian restaurant. After dinner, in the middle of a wind storm, Hunter convinced Monica to walk with him over to the Provo City Center Temple grounds. Much to her surprise, he proposed. She did not know that he had already bought a (temporary) ring and had talked to her dad to ask his permission the day before. Needless to say, she was blown away.

Over the next few months, they did their best to plan the wedding. It seemed like every few weeks the coronavirus restrictions changed. Eventually, they were able to schedule an appointment with the temple and find a place to hold a reception. They're so excited to be starting their new life together and hope you can celebrate with them!